The preferred set up to use with Canvas is Google Chrome, on a PC.  If you are using a MAC be sure to download and use Google Chrome.  If you are using a smart device (phone, tablet, etc.) download the Canvas app.  NOTE:  You should ALWAYS use a desktop/laptop machine, running Google Chrome, when taking quizzes.  If you use a smart device to take your quiz you are doing so at your own risk.

Below is a list of the most frequently reported Canvas issues and resolutions.  If you are having issues within Canvas please go to the Canvas Student Guide or call Canvas support:

If you are having Canvas issues please contact Canvas Support:

American River College – 24/7 Support – (844) 589-3851
Cosumnes River College – 24/7 Support – (844) 592-2203 
Folsom Lake College – 24/7 Support – (844) 600-4947
Sacramento City College – 24/7 Support – (844) 612-7419

My name is incorrectly displayed in Canvas.  How do I correct this?
How do I set/change my preferred pronoun?
How do I update my preferred Canvas email?
I’m officially enrolled but my classes don’t appear on my Canvas Dashboard.
How do I add or remove classes from my Dashboard?
Why did my classes disappear from my Dashboard? 
I’m having issues with my Google Drive Submission.
How do I reset my Google Doc Integration?
How do I turn calendar events on and off?
How do I set/update notifications?
Proctorio Support
Turnitin (Similarity)
Labster Student Guide (video)
PlayPosit – The Student Experience
TechConnect Zoom for Canvas
Student Connect Tool for Zoom in Canvas

If you are unable to find a resolution to your issue or have further questions please go to Service Central and click “Report an Issue”. 

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