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Password Troubleshooting:

If you’ve forgotten your password, your password has expired, or your password simply doesn’t work, follow the password reset links below.  If you’ve just reset your password be sure you are entering it in the correct case.  If you still have issues try reversing the case.  If you entered it in like Password123, try entering it in like pASSWORD123.  If you continue to have problems reset it again following the “Forgot your password?” link below.  NOTE:  DO NOT USE SPECIAL CHARACTERS (!@#$%^&*) in your password.  Use upper and lower case letters and numbers only. 

Unfortunately, the password reset process may not be compatible with every browser version and device. Browsers update frequently and could cause issues with this process. If you are having issues resetting your password try using an alternate browser.

If you are unable to reset your password, using your security questions, and  you are on campus, go to the Admissions Office (STUDENTS) or the Business Office (FACULTY/STAFF) with a picture ID to get a temporary password.  NOTE:  Do not leave the campus until you’ve reset the password and verified it’s working. If you are not on campus, during normal business hours, you can call 916-568-3012, option 5 and we can assist over the phone. 

You can reset your password via Okta by clicking “Forgot password” on the “Verifying with your password” page. To use this option you must have provided a secondary email address, when setting up Okta, AND confirmed this email. If you select this option and have not received an email then you have either not set up Okta or not provided a secondary email address AND confirmed this address. Use the Forgot or Expired password link below.

Forgot your password?

Expired password?

Password Change Guidance (Employees)

Password FAQ

Password Security Management System

If you are unable to find a resolution to your issue please go to Service Central and click Report an Issue.