Student FAQ – eServices Upgrade

Q: My Academic Progress tile displays a message that ‘The Academic Requirements report is not available’. What can I do to display my academic progress?
A: This message will display when your major is set to ‘Undecided’. Undecided majors or certain majors selected on your application may result in an empty report. To see a full report, please update your major. You can do this by visiting your Admissions & Records Office.
Q: Why aren’t all my units displayed on the Academic Progress tile?
A: Units on the Academic Progress tile may not include external transcripts, AP, or IB scores.
Q: How is my default college determined?
A: Your default college is set based on a number of factors. If you applied for and are receiving federal financial aid, your default college will be your financial aid college. If you are not receiving financial aid, your default college will be the college where you have the most units.
Q: How can I see my academic progress information for a different Los Rios College?
A: The Academic Progress tile uses your default college. To switch between colleges, click on the Academic Progress tile and then click the ‘Change’ button in the upper left of the screen. To permanently set your default college, click on the Menu icon and select ‘My Preferences’. Click on Campus Preferences and then select the new default college.
Q: Why are my class search results too broad?
A: When searching for classes, narrow the results by searching for the class subject and class number such as ‘Math 300’. Make sure to utilize the filters on the left hand side of the screen.
Q: How can I switch my class/section for another without losing my current seat?
A: Utilize the ‘Swap Classes’ functionality to replace an existing class/section for another. If the desired class/section is available the current enrolled class will be replaced, otherwise you will remain in your current class/section.