Where do I get a permission number?

If the class is closed or you are on the wait list for the class you must attend the first class and ask the instructor for a permission number.  If it is an online class you should email the instructor the week before classes begin and ask for a permission number.

ARC Faculty Telephone & E-Mail Numbers
CRC Faculty and Staff Directory
FLC Faculty Directory
SCC Faculty and Staff Directory

If a class is labeled Open Consent it is part of a specific program.  Check the class notes, on the class schedule, for information about the program it is linked to.  See example below.

Instructor name is found on the main class schedule search.  For more information about the class click on the information icon.

Scroll down to the Section Detail for more information about the class.

If you are unable to find a resolution to your issue or have further questions please go to Service Central and click “Report an Issue”. 

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