Login Error – The language you’ve chosen is not supported in this database.

You need to change your browser language to English (US).

IE –  https://askit.tcnj.edu/2014/02/21/paws-language/.

Chrome –  click the “Customize and control Google Chrome”  icon , in the upper right corner of the screen.  Click Settings,  scroll to the bottom and click “Show advanced settings…”, scroll to Languages and click “Language and input settings…”, change to English (US) and save.

Safari – Launch System Preferences from your Dock or Apple menu and then click “Language & Region.” Ensure that “English” is present and listed as the “Primary” language at the top of the list on the left. If it is not, click “+” and add it, then drag it to the top of the list.

Firefox – Select menu [Tools]
Select menu item [Options].
Select tab [General].
Click button [Languages].
Click drop-down-box [Select a language to add..]
Mark a language e.g. English (United Kingdom) and click [Add].
Use button [Move Up], to place your language at the top of the list.
Click [OK] twice.
Reload webpage (e.g. by [F5]).

If you are unable to find a resolution to your issue or have further questions please go to Service Central and click “Report an Issue”. 

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