Playposit Training Handout & Checklist

Training Handout


I. Getting Started 
Launch PlayPosit from Canvas (Tutorial)
Quickstart steps:

    1. Head to a course once logged into Canvas
    2. Select Assignments
    3. Click Add Assignment
    4. After setting up assignment, scroll down to Submission Type
  • OPTIONAL: If you would like to set up a non-graded assignment follow these instructions
  1. Choose External Tool from the dropdown and find PlayPosit from popup menu 
  2. Click Set Bulb Link to access your account
II. Add Video Content to PlayPosit (Knowledgebase Article: Building a Bulb)
Select Add New bulb
Add a video from 3C Media, YouTube, Vimeo
Once the video has been added:

  • Captions attached to the video will be pulled in automatically
  • Light trimming and cropping of the video can be done
Repeat the process to add multiple videos to a single bulb
II. Add Interactions (Knowledgebase Article: Building a Bulb)
Choose a template from the template gallery

Add easy, effective engagement in one click 

  • Add multiple templates to a single bulb
  • Templates get placed at designated points in the bulb
  • Content neutral questions are applicable to any lesson
  • Customization of wording, timing, placement is always an option
Adding a Manual Interaction

  • Press “Play” or drag to the point in the video you would like to add your interaction
  • Click “Add an Interaction”
  • Select the interaction type you would like to use
Building an Interaction

  • Begin entering the question and responses of the interaction
  • Use our rich text editor to enhance interaction with audio, images, equations, formatting, links, and more.
  • Add feedback to provide additional support for learners
Interaction Customization

  • Determine if you would like to apply advanced interaction settings
  • Choose where you would like the interaction to be placed
  • Adjust timing or create a durational interaction (if needed)
III. Adjust Playback Settings and Review (Knowledgebase Article: Bulb Settings)
OPTIONAL: Add tags to organize your content
Adjust Learning Experience

  • Allow learners to rewind upon reaching interactions
    • Allow learners to skip interactions
  • Allow fast-forwarding
  • Allow learners to retake 

Please note – learners’ most recent attempt will be pushed to the gradebook

  • Allow learners to export a worksheet of a bulb
  • Allow learners to increase playback speed
Determine Level of Privacy
Preview (toggle playback mode, if needed)
IV. Finish Linking Bulb (Knowledgebase Article: Canvas)
Click on Canvas Icon next to bulb thumbnail
Choose the learner experience – self-paced, broadcast, learner made bulb**
Newly linked bulb will display as a gray screen – NOTE: only the bulb is visible to learners
Click on options to:

  • Export a CSV file of analytics collected on bulb
  • Preview – allows you to view discussion forum or notes
  • Monitor bulbsync any grades that you may adjust (free response/discussion)
Share Student Experience article with learners

  • Provides understanding on PlayPosit experience

Student notes, review sheet, completing bulbs, etc.


V. Advanced Options
Crop video segments (knowledgebase article)
Create durational interactions (knowledgebase article)
Adjust the placement of interactions (knowledgebase article)
Share a bulb from “My Bulbs” using the triple dot action menu (knowledgebase article)
Assign Learner Made Bulbs (knowledgebase article)
Launch bulbs via Broadcast – synchronous delivery

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