We have installed Labster in the Los Rios instance of Canvas, so if you need to use that tool to complete your activities while teaching online it is available to you.  There are some significant issues with Accessibility, and device requirements will likely preclude some of your students from being able to complete the assessments using Labster.

With that said, we would encourage you to reach out to your college faculty coordinators if you will be using the tool and experience issues installing and/or using the tool.  Labster support response times have been significantly delayed for our group in testing.  Please see the following instructions for installing in your course.

Setting up Labster

Please see this  link to add Labster into your course:

Dedicated web page for all CCC faculty

Teaching with Labster

To get started, you can watch this brief Labster simulation walkthrough video:

Labster Demo

Best Practices for Using Labster

These are the recommended best practices from Labster for using the tool:

Contacting Labster Support

If you have any other questions or problems with Labster, please use Contact Labster support to submit a support ticket.