Below is a list of the most frequently reported eServices issues and resolutions.

Password Issues?
EServices keeps timing out and won’t let me do anything.
How do I get an enrollment appointment?
How do I remove the hold on my record?
How do I view my class schedule?
How do I view my current waitlist position?
Where do I get a permission number?
How do I use the permission number to enroll in a class, from the Waitlist?
Why isn’t my permission number working?
How do I drop a class?
How do former students view unofficial transcripts?
When I try to view my unofficial transcript nothing happens.
Where do I find my textbooks?
How do I enroll in more than one Los Rios college?
How do I view my grades?
How do I search for open classes?
How do I search for open, ONLINE classes?
How do I view my assessment scores?
Why am I being charged a Universal Transit Pass fee?
Why does it say the first day of school is on a Saturday?
Where can I find drop deadlines and fee refund information?
My former name displays in eServices. How do I change it?
Why am I being charged non-residency fees and how do I fix it?
Why can’t I pay my fees?
Where do I find my 1098T?
How do I change my major?
Login Error – The language you’ve chosen is not supported in this database.

If you are unable to find a resolution to your issue or have further questions please submit an EServices Support Request.

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