Why can’t I log into D2L?

If you are a current student, did your password expire?  Passwords expire 365 days from the day they are set.  Unfortunately, the only warning message we can provide is when you log into Los Rios Gmail.  If you believe your password has expired go to https://www.losrios.edu/expiredpassword and follow the prompts to reset your password.

If you are a new student and you’ve just completed an application and are trying to log into D2L, to complete the online orientation, your account has not yet been created.  D2L accounts are created 3 times a day.  NOTE: Enrollment into the orientation is completed once a day, at approximately 8am.

Browsers and browser versions, browser updates, add-ons and toolbars can all impact your ability to log into D2L and how D2L renders.  What browser are you using to log into D2L? If you are using Internet Explorer, use the alternate login page.


If you are using Google Chrome, try using Internet Explorer or Firefox. The most recent Chrome update has caused issues for a lot of our students. It appears to have something to do with the update and add-ons or toolbars you have on your browser.

If you have special characters in your password (!@#$%^&*) go to https://www.losrios.edu/changepassword and change your password. Use upper and lower case letters and numbers only.

If you need further assistance please submit a D2L Support Request.

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