As many of you already know, the District Academic Senate and the Chancellor have approved the move to join the state-wide Online Education Initiative (OEI) and adopt the Canvas software. We are in the process of working with the vendor (Instructure) to formalize the agreement and implement the Canvas software for the Los Rios colleges. More information about the timing and implementation details will be forthcoming, but for now, please know that:

  • The current Canvas ‘sandbox’ installation that many of you have been using for testing and learning will still be available when you return for the fall semester. The sandbox will also be available over the summer for any development work or course migrations you want to do. All work will remain in that system through the beginning of the fall term.
  • A new ‘production’ installation will be created and configured in preparation for training and course migrations in the fall. You will be able to also move your development work from the sandbox into this new system. As previously stated, your official course migrations can be for use of Canvas beginning in spring’17, summer’17, or fall’17. D2L will be unavailable after fall 2017 semester.
  • If you currently teach with a publisher or vendor site integrated with D2L, all of those integrations will also be in Canvas during your course migration and training in the fall. Some are available in the sandbox environment now and others may be added over the summer.

More information will be available in the fall from your college DE/LMS Coordinators regarding training and other resources for Canvas. For now, we want to make sure you know that the work you have done (or will do) in the sandbox Canvas environment will not be lost. Have a great summer!