Most Canvas questions/issues can be resolved by checking the help link, within Canvas.  Some of that information may be linked here but we’ve also included some additional support contacts as well as our most common support requests.

For How To’s go to the Canvas Instructional Guide.


Canvas LTI’s and Integrations

Canvas Support – Faculty
For general Canvas support; general questions, questions/issues with specific tools, issues with Canvas itself call:

American River College – 24/7 Support – (844) 589-3851
Cosumnes River College – 24/7 Support – (844) 592-2203
Folsom Lake College – 24/7 Support – (844) 600-4947
Sacramento City College – 24/7 Support – (844) 612-7419

Instructional Support (College Coordinators)
For training, pedagogical questions, best practices, cross-listing issues/questions/requests:

American River College –
Cosumnes River College –
Folsom Lake College –
Sacramento City College –, 558-2049 (voicemail), dedicated cell phone for text messages 916.346-0435

FastTrack has its own centralized email for inquiries, Once faculty enter the academy, they are connected with a mentor and no longer use this email.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why is my name displayed incorrectly in Canvas?
I can log into Canvas but do not see the class(es) I’m teaching.
How do I turn calendar events on and off?
How do I request a Canvas account for a non-student/non-employee?
How do I set/change my preferred pronoun?

If you are unable to find a resolution to your issue or have further questions please submit a Canvas Support Request.

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