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Canvas LTI’s and Integrations

If you are having Canvas issues please contact Canvas Support:

American River College – 24/7 Support – (844) 589-3851
Cosumnes River College – 24/7 Support – (844) 592-2203
Folsom Lake College – 24/7 Support – (844) 600-4947
Sacramento City College – 24/7 Support – (844) 612-7419

Why is my name displayed incorrectly in Canvas?
I can log into Canvas but do not see the class(es) I’m teaching.
How do I turn calendar events on and off?
How do I log out of Pronto?
How do I request a Canvas account for a non-student/non-employee?

If you are unable to find a resolution to your issue or have further questions please submit a Canvas Support Request.

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